OLSH Logos - Symbolism


The school logo is the official mark of OLSH and is modeled on the school seal. It appears on the school stationery, programs and publications, and the like. Wherever it is used, it is borne proudly, representing as it does the long and proud tradition of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart High School.


OLSH's school seal is modeled on the emblem of the Felician Sisters, our sponsors. A cross, heart, and the pierced hands of Christ and St. Francis of Assisi resting on the Immaculate Heart of Mary comprise the crest. The Franciscan shield of virtue serves as the foundation upon which the emblem lies. The Immaculate Heart of Mary indicates devotion to the Blessed Mother, our school patroness; the host, devotion for the Holy Eucharist; the cross, the pierced hands of Christ and St. Francis, and the sword signify the Franciscan spirit of the Felician Sisters.

The ideals of the school are aptly represented in the school seal. The seal is used only on official documents, like diplomas, and is reserved for use by the President.

Charger Logo

The school mascot is the charger. The charger, a concept from the time of the crusades, is a mount or horse for a soldier, particularly a knight, to ride into battle. Because of the weight of the armor and other equipment, the charger is strong. Because it was involved in the hand-to-hand combat used at the time, the horse had to be calm, courageous, and well disciplined.

The Charger represents strength and courage, an appropriate symbol for our athletic teams.

OLSH Colors

The school colors, which date from the founding of the school in 1932, are purple and gold.

The color purple is traditionally associated with royalty or high rank, and by extension, symbolizes nobility. The color purple also symbolizes justice and in heraldry, the virtue of temperance.

Because of its beauty and scarcity, gold has been, from ancient times to modern, a precious metal. Its symbolic meaning is honor and loyalty. In heraldry, it stands for faith, constancy, and wisdom. The expression "heart of gold" probably more closely means a faithful, constant heart, rather than a generous one.