Class Agents

Several OLSH alumni have stepped forward and agreed to act as Class Agents. They will be helping the Alumni Office gather updated contact information and news about their classmates. ( There is NO solicitation of donations required of Class Agents. )

The Class Agents we have so far are listed below. Please feel free to contact your Class Agent with updates or reunion plans and they will relay that information to the OLSH Alumni Office. If you would like to be a Class Agent, please contact Deena Swank at dswank@olsh.org.

1968 - Sr. M. Francine Horos, smfhoros@olsh.org
1972 - Claudia (Bonchak) Lewis, troop150@yahoo.com
1976 - Michael Pentland, theoutdooraddict@msn.com
1978 - Christine (Plucinski) Glatz, cglatz@olsh.org
1982 - Joseph Farley, joseph.farley@dcsg.com
1985 - Karen Nolder, vargo008@icloud.com
1986 - Beth Ann Roland-Studeny, bethrolstu@gmail.com
1988 - Raquel (Roney) Sanders, chevychick612@yahoo.com
1989 - Lara (Kannenburg) Kenney, larakenney@yahoo.com
1992 - Jill Ammon, jillammon@gmail.com
1996 - Michael Cerchiaro, cerchiarogd@gmail.com
2000 - Brendan Gallagher, brendan.patrick.gallagher@gmail.com
2001 - Christopher Wilfert, cwilfert@wm.com
2002 - Jordan Hinds, jordanhinds@hotmail.com
2004 - Robert Skvarca, robert_skvarca@yahoo.com
2006 - Siemone Cerase, cerase0923@gmail.com
2007 - Mallory (Praskovich) Hurley, mhurley@olsh.org
2012 - Greg Ott, gmo18@case.edu