OLSH Welcomes Baby DeVivo and Baby Cvitkovic

Mar 13, 2017 | Posted in Articles

This weekend brought with it the arrival of two future OLSH Chargers as two of our faculty each welcomed a daughter into the world!

Lydia Lynn DeVivo

Congratulations to Social Studies Department Chair Scott DeVivo and and his wife, Becky, on the arrival of their beautiful baby girl! Lydia Lynn DeVivo was born on Saturday, March 11 at 7lbs 7oz, 21.5" with "lots of brown hair".

MillieAnn Jo Cvitkovic

Congratulations to Library Media Specialist Bethany Cvitkovic and her husband, Matt, on the arrival of their beautiful baby girl! MillieAnn Jo Cvitkovic was born on Sunday, March 12 at 5:31 am at 7lbs 10oz and 18 3/4".

Both moms and their baby girls are all doing well!