Sr. Augustine '36 Celebrates 100th Birthday

Mar 20, 2017 | Posted in Articles

A small group of current students delivered cards and other birthday wishes to Sr. Augustine, as well as sang a few songs for her to celebrate her 100th birthday.

A small group of OLSH students visited the convent this afternoon to help celebrate the 100th birthday of Sr. Augustine Grajewski '36. The students sang a few religious songs in addition to Happy Birthday, of course! Sr. Augustine was one of the first students to enter OLSH in 1932 and was in the second graduating class in 1936. She later became a teacher (1956-1962), principal (1971-1973), and a volunteer (1993-2009). She loves sharing her stories with students. She commented that she was overwhelmed with the amount of support that she received from family, friends, and OLSH for her birthday. She celebrated with family from all over the country on Sunday (her actual birthday) and with the other Sisters in the convent today. She thanks everyone for all they do for OLSH and for all those who have and continue to touch her life.

Sr. Augustine was a member of the OLSH class of 1936; she is pictured third from the right.