OLSH believes in a values-based approach to educating the whole person, and arts education is an important part of our curriculum.

During their four years at OLSH, each student will be educated in the arts through our required courses, arts electives and activities, and arts experiences offered in other courses. We believe in incorporating arts across the curriculum, and students attend theatrical productions of works read in English classes and listen to music from periods of history being studied.

OLSH cares deeply about the arts and is committed to continuing to educate our students in many aspects of the fine arts, feeding their mind, body and soul through various forms of expression and study.

Music and Art Appreciation

All students are required to take Art and Music Appreciation in conjunction with World History in the junior year. Art Appreciation explores works of art through history and across cultures. Students take a field trip to the Nationality Rooms at the University of Pittsburgh and the Carnegie Museum of Art. They learn to analyze art, interpret the subject matter and emotional impact of various pieces of art, and create their own works.

Music Appreciation covers music history, the instruments of the orchestra, and basic music theory, in which students learn basic rhythm and note reading by playing Boom Whackers and Wii Music’s hand bell and pitch matching activities. The course also explores an opera/musical theater unit that makes connections with the OLSH’s spring musical.

The two classes collaborate on an extensive look into Indian or African culture (units alternate year). In Art, students create Indian torans (welcome banners) that are hung above classroom doors and design their own African drums. In Music, students study musicians and instruments for the Indian unit and research blending traditional music with contemporary styles for the African unit.