The Angela Activities Center (AAC)

At just over 15,000 square feet, the newly renovated AAC houses not only an all purpose gymnasium but also other amenities including a fitness center, weight room, two classrooms, a spacious concession stand, and athletic staff offices.

The Main Gymnasium


Students playing hand ball in gym class.

During the 2010 renovation the main gymnasium got a face-lift. Three sections of the roof were raised to accommodate natural daylight, a green feature. The right side wall of the gym was also moved back 15 to 20 feet to allow room for more bleachers. The main gymnasium is host to gym classes, many OLSH sporting contests, school pep assemblies, and commencement.

The Auxiliary Gymnasium

The OLSH Charger football team running drills in the auxiliary gym.

The addition of the second gymnasium, the auxiliary gym, allows multiple teams to have access to after-school practice space. The auxiliary gym also houses four new locker rooms and three new storage rooms.

The Michael S. McDonald Weight Room

All OLSH students have access to the new weight room for after school work outs.

The weight room, named in honor of current OLSH gym teacher Coach Mac, sits directly above the auxiliary gym in the second floor mezzanine. It offers numerous types of equipment including weight and cardio machines as well as free weights.